Hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs readily available in Japan


Hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs readily available in Japan | Japan desperately needs hundreds of thousands daycare teachers | 20,000 babies and toddlers waiting for their turn for daycare education

The Japanese government is desperate to bring more women into the workforce,  – day care teaching jobs, in eagerness to breathe life into the economy and fill jobs that sit empty as they face declining trend in population. Women are responding and making efforts to fill the vacancies but Japan is still very far from meeting the quota.

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Japan is struggling to come up with enough child daycare teachers for many mothers to go back to work even with the nation’s lowest number of births in more than 100 years.

Not less than 20,000 babies and toddlers are on waiting lists for publicly subsidized day care education in Japan, and the government says it needs to fill hundreds of thousands more vacancies in less than two years — an enormous task that depends on recruiting tens of thousands of new day care teachers.

Many daycare centres are perennially short of teachers because a lot of daycare teachers are pressured into leaving the jobs once they become pregnant or have their babies.

Report has it that many mothers begin the search for daycare workers before their babies are born or become toddlers in the neighbouring crowded capital city of Tokyo for their education.

Mikiko Eto, the principal of Hatto Nursery School, Tokyo Japan said that the four most competitive activities in life in Japan are securing a nursery school teaching spot, passing entrance examination for university admission, getting a job and finding a spouse.

Japan’s day care unfavourable situation may be counterproductive in a country that has comparatively few young children – its population is almost 130 million.

According to a report, not more than one million babies were born in 2018, the number being the lowest since records began in 1899. Birth rate in Japan is one of the lowest in the world.