Top 5 Educational Games for Kids in Videos | Children Fun Time with Games

By Ekene Ifechukwu


August 3, 2019

Top 5 Educational Video Games for Kids | Educational Videos of Children Fun Time with Games

Kids play and have fun with games for all categories of kids  – early learners, toddlers, preschooler, kindergarten children and grade school children. Children learn as they play pet games, care-giving games, adventure games, safety games, playground games, story time, sight word games and lots more.

1.) Pet care games

Your kids will learn to give care to pet kitten while playing this game. It’s a lovely adventure game for toddlers, young children, nursery kids and others.

2.) Playground kids songs and nursery rhymes

Playground nursery rhymes and kids songs in educational video game for your children is a good way to let them enjoy their play time.

3.) Safety tips games

Teach your kids to learn safety tips at home, school and outside the home and school in this exciting educational video game.

4.) Story time game

Children loves to listen to stories. Make their playtime worthwhile as they share in the story time fun game.

5.) Sight word and recognition games

Increase your kids knowledge of words in this educational video game. Spelling competitions are around the corners.

Ekene Ifechukwu

Ekene Ifechukwu is education writer. He has over 7 years experience in teaching and tutoring. He has taught in primary and secondary schools. He has affection for training children and young people. He aims at improving other people's lives through education.

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