Chinese pupils to learn artificial intelligence (AI) in schools

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Chinese pupils begin artificial intelligence (AI) education in primary & secondary schools 

Chinese pupils will begin to learn artificial intelligence (AI) in primary & secondary schools this year according to a local media report.

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The China Daily reported on Tuesday that East China Normal University Press had published a 10-volume textbook series on artificial intelligence (AI) and the textbook series for the education are being circulated in hundreds of schools, both primary and secondary schools, across the country. The Chinese pupils will learn the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of the school-developed curriculum and as a selective course.

The Paper, the Shanghai-based online new outlet, reported that Chinese pupils have already gotten used to the pilot programs that have kicked off in Shanghai, China

Reports have it that Chinese great stride in artificial intelligence (AI) technology research in recent years and their plans to make artificial intelligence (AI) available to more school students to a good step in the making to revolutionize global education.

MIT Technology Review published a detailed story recently on how China is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) as both a supplement and a replacement to human teachers in the field of education. MIT Technology Review also reported that tens of millions Chinese students on depend on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help them learn with three factors influencing the tendency of artificial intelligence (AI) education to thrive among Chinese students.

Chinese government, in an effort to speed up the progress, gave tax breaks – education being a competitive sport among Chinese students and parents – who are willing to do everything within their power to excel academically. Chinese companies developing these AIs have a wealth of available data for the purpose of training Chinese pupils & students. China attaches less importance on individual data privacy than many other developed countries.

Tens of millions of Chinese pupils & students, who rely on the expected progress of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is just a fraction of 200 million Chinese pupils and students in primary and secondary schools.

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Written by Ekene Ifechukwu

Ekene Ifechukwu is an education writer. He has over 7 years of experience in teaching and tutoring. He has taught in primary and secondary schools. He has affection for training children and young people. He aims at improving other people's lives through education.



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