Distance Education Resources: 10 free online education technology tools


Distance Education Resources: 10 free online education technology tools

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Free online education for all categories of students

Free online education for all categories of students. Photo credit: franchiseindia.com


Distance Education Resources: 10 free online education technology tools for all school-aged kids through higher learning students

Homeschooling and classroom learning websites for pre-Kindergarten (pre-schoolers); primary grade (elementary) and secondary schools; college and high school students.

There are many free homeschool and classroom online learning resources and tools available to all school-aged kids (pre-Kindergarten); primary grade school (elementary), college and high school students for distance education. Here is a detailed discussion of 10 of them for the benefits of your kids and students.

Ambleside Online

Discovery K12 and Discovery Education

CK-12 Foundation


Virtual field trips and virtual world tours

Sweet Search

Adventure Academy

E-Learning for Kids 

All-In-One Homeschool, (An example is Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool) and All-In-One Highschool

Chrome Music Lab 


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Ambleside Online

Just like Khan Academy, Ambleside Online has an established reputation in the homeschooling and classroom learning environment as a quality online education technology resource.

It provides a list of books and resources for each elementary level student, covering subject areas like Mathematics, English Literature, Sciences, Geography, History, as well as Foreign Languages. It also includes Picture and Composer studies in its learning curriculum.

Ambleside Online allows preschool and kindergarten age kids to do grade school-level dictation on passages provided in the online books.

Ambleside Online, a free online learning resource, even offers an emergency-plan curriculum for homeschooling in the midst of a natural disaster or crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its Charlotte Mason-style, Christian-based homeschool curriculum for children in pre-schoolers through kindergarten kids through Grade 12 students (That is, grades K-12 learners).

Ambleside Online

Ambleonline. Photo credit: ambleonline.co.uk

Discovery Series: Discovery K12 and Discovery Education

Discovery series can be in 2 different forms of online learning resource: Discovery K12 and Discovery Education

Discovery 12 is a free homeschool and classroom education technology website that offers complete package online program (courses) for pre-kindergarten (pre-schoolers) through Grade 12 students in Mathematics, Sciences, Reading and English Literature, Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Physical Education and Visual and Performing Arts.

Discovery Education is another free online distance education resource that provides access to quality education to all school-aged children, students (in classrooms) and teachers everywhere and anytime for professional development through audio-visual (multimedia) content and virtual textbooks.

Discovery K-12

Discovery K-12 Education. Photo credit: twitter.com

CK-12 Foundation

The CK-12 Foundation is one of the many free online distance education websites that offer an exciting learning program to all school-aged children (kindergarten and primary); secondary school children and students (Grades K-12 learners) anytime, everywhere.

The CK-12 Foundation also offers free courses to college and higher learning students to provide them with 21st-century quality education and learning experience.

Some extracurricular activities, like Astronomy, Photography come with CK-12 Foundation education resource that can be translated into several languages, like French, Spanish, Italian, among others.

CK-12 Foundation

CK-12 Foundation. Image credit: freekidsbooks.org


The Storyline is a record-breaking free kids’ education website with a load of free videos of popular people (actors, sportsmen, and authors) reading children’s books loudly so that the kids can listen to the story as it is read, follow the words and watch the colourful animation displays.

The Storyline as an online distance learning website can help the children learn the correct pronunciation of words and their vocabulary usages in sentence build-ups.

The Storyline is created for an exciting learning experience for preschoolers through elementary grade school children and students.


Storyline. Image credit: elearning.net

Virtual field trips and virtual world tours

Virtual field trips and world tours are great ways to capture the imaginative and experiential minds of our school kids and higher learning students.

See many interesting places in the world (virtual explorations of Great Canyon, Arizona, US, Colosseum, Italy, Great Wall of China, Great Pyramid of Giza, and more) and enhance your kids’ memorable learning experience without leaving the four walls of a room in your house through interactive computer technology tools livestream happenings.

This homeschooling and classroom education technology tool specializes in subjects like Life Science, Social Studies, Geography and Ancient civilization for prekindergarten school childrengrade 8 students (K-8 learners). The education website has online distance learning videos and exercises that align with widely-accepted standards for video lessons and testing,

Virtual field trips and world tours tools are available online for no cost and it allows teachers and parents request for access by sending an email on the website (or email info@virtualfieldtrips.net)

Virtual field trips and virtual world tour can be offered in the following online distance education program courtesy of TripSavvy: Learn Around The World, Scholastic and Google Lit Trips

Learn Around the World provides kids with fun, unique, interactive and meaningful homeschooling and classroom programs that increase student engagement and enthusiasm about learning. Learn Around The World provide virtual field trips, guest speakers, and collaborations for an exciting learning experience

Scholastic was created as Scholastic Learn at Home website to provide students with satisfactory learning time that span various content areas including virtual field trips and world tour.

Google Lit Trips, a completely free education resource that allows you to learn famous literature characters in a virtual world, ensuring a learning skill that actually sticks with your child’s memory.

Virtual field trip and world tour of a collection of more than 1,000 museums, including the worlds’ largest, best kids’ museums, best museums can be done online through Google Arts and Culture.

Virtual Field Trips and World Tours

Virtual Field Trips and World Tours. Photo credit: theeducatorsspinonit.com

Sweet Search

One of the ways parents and teachers try to figure out how to keep the kids from experiencing a massive backward slide in learning when schools and child-care programs are closed is through online distance education.

Since everyone uses search engines to source for online or website information, Sweet Search can be used freely by pre-kindergarten, primary school children, secondary school, college, and higher education students, as well graduate-, postgraduate- and career experts, among others, to provide answers to informative and educational queries.

Sweet Search has over 35,000 websites on this sweet search engine, and every single one is recommendable in the provision of the most informational and accurate data that will truly benefit not just school kids but all other categories of students and other groups of learners.

Sweet Search

Sweet Search. Photo credit: 21centuryedtech.wordpress.com

Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is an online education resource from the creators of ABCMouse with 30-day free trial offers students the opportunity to play games for school children from Kindergarten up to Grade 9 students.

The online learning website offers the game-play across a wide range of topics including Mathematics, Science, Reading, Social Studies, and more while creating an online means of interacting with others in the game.

Adventure Academy is a free learning resource.

Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy. Image credit; youtube.com

E-Learning for kids

E-Learning for kids is an online education resource for pre-schoolers – Grade 6 school kids in subject areas like Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Health Education, Computer Science, Social and Environment Skills, among others.

E-Learning for kids has a ton of interactive lesson contents that make learning sessions fun, interesting and captivating. E-learning for kids is offered to all school-aged children and students and by many online education websites and apps in different formats of interaction as well as subjects, ages, and grades.

Elearning for kids

Elearning for kids. Photo credit: e-learningforkids.org

All-in-One Homeschool

All-in-One Homeschool is a massive online resource for home education. The home curriculum has lessons, computer games, and assignments in Mathematics, Reading and Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary, History, and a whole lot more. Each grade level has 180 days of home learning content.

A very good example of a Christian All-in-One Homeschool is Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a free online home learning website created for homeschooling parents by homeschooling parents to help preschool kids through Grade 7 secondary students. On the education website, parents choose their kids’ grade level and their program year of study. The learning website provides the kids’ chosen grade-level learning materials for easy covering the lesson topics in the programs of study.

There are free worksheets and cheap workbooks available in Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool.

All In One Highschool is a sister education website to All-in-One Homeschool that offers homeschooling for high school students Grades 8-12.

All-in-one homeschool

All-in-one homeschool. Photo credit: youtube.com

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is an easy-to-use, online education technology tool that enables secondary and high school students to have an exploration of hands-on-experiments in Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts through Musical connections.

Secondary and high school students up to 16 years of age can explore Music and its connections with other subjects on their own in the free engaging and interactive Chrome Music Lab on their own, as shared lessons consist only of iconography and intuitive (instinctive) prompts

Chrome Music Lab makes online learning of Music more available through fun and interactive experiments.

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab. Image credit: youtube.com




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