How will Brexit affect UK, European Union (EU) & International Students?


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Brexit Consequences, Effects and Impact on Students in Higher Education | How will Brexit affect UK, European Union (EU) & International Students? | Providing information about Higher School Education System for sustainable future world and better life

The UK is now due to leave the European Union (EU) on Thursday, 31st October 2019. The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, promises that this date will be met, even if there is no deal. 

It has now been nearly three years since the UK voted to leave the EU and now it seems closer to agreeing a deal. Brexit has consequences, impact and effects on students. What could the vote mean for the European Union (EU), UK and International students?

Here, I am going consider various points about Brexit consequences, effects and impact on European Union (EU) & International Students as a way of providing information about higher school education system for sustainable future world and better life.


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1.) UK and EU students have limited opportunity to study abroad

If UK happens to withdraw from existing agreements on freedom of movement after Brexit deal, prospective EU students would probably apply for student study visa  in order to study in UK, and the same applies to future UK students who wish to study in Europe. They may also need to apply for student visas, and in some cases may have limited opportunity to work during and after their studies abroad.

2.) All Students should not expect reduction in tuition fees soon as earlier proposed

One of the key things review of post-18 education in the UK will look into is likely reduction in tuition fees at UK Universities in the Higher Education(HE) School System reform proposal announced in February 2018 by Theresa May, the former British Prime Minister.

UK students can imagine better enjoying financial benefits in school system when their tuition fee is reduced by £1,750 if they are to pay £7,500 instead from the next academic session. Reduction in tuition fees for UK students could trigger reduced rates for European Union (EU) and international student.

The findings of the review, which should have been published before end of July 2019, has been delayed longer than it should with no clear date in view.

Unfortunately, it is unclear to the British government where the make-up funds would come from for UK universities if the fees are reduced because the review is dependent on outcome of Brexit.

The British government may not be prepared to commit to a university funding plan for Higher Education (HE) when the country’s finances are so uncertain before a Brexit deal is made.

From the analysis above, It is quite unlikely if the reduction in tuition fees will happen any time soon.

3.) All Students should not expect more financial aid soon

All categories of students – UK, EU and international students should not expect more financial aids. So far, there are no certainty of sources of additional funding for UK universities after Brexit referendum takes effect, the UK government, individuals and corporate entities may not provide more anticipated financial aids in form of scholarships, grants and loans.

There is possibility of reduction in financial aid if the value of pound reduces markedly.

4.) European Union (EU) students should expect higher tuition fee rate in UK and UK students should expect higher fees in European countries

Firstly, after the expiration of many governments and organizations’ contractual agreement and programmes, the European Union students would become international students eventually, and by 2021, perhaps, UK may begin charging EU students the same fees as international students which may not be less than £10,000.

Therefore, in the long run, it appears likely that EU students will have to pay higher fee rates that currently apply to international students and that would greatly impact the number of EU students choosing to study in Britain.

UK students will similarly face higher fees in many European countries, as they will no longer be eligible for domestic fee rates, being considered as international students.

5.) All Students should expect to afford UK universities tuition fees

There is a brighter side to payment of higher tuition fee rate by EU students cum international students in the long term. The expected fall and sustenance in value of British Pound due to Brexit would make studying in the UK more affordable for all international students including EU students since they would afford tuition fee for UK Higher Education schools.

6.) UK and EU students’ study abroad scheme (Erasmus student exchange package) in danger

UK and EU students’ opportunity and eligibility to study abroad hangs in the balance as far Brexit deal is concerned. Even though the UK government has promised to provide funds available for students undertaking Erasmus exchange scheme until the end of 2020, what happens after 2020 and many years beyond? Would UK students be able to benefit from the limited opportunities to study abroad as easily as they do now?

The perceived psychological effects many UK and EU students would suffer for not studying abroad would be damaging because European students, UK and EU students alike, place high value on overseas study. For many students their time spent abroad is the most valuable part of their university career, and the majority of students that do it have only good things to say.

In a public poll conducted by UK Universities in October 2016, 75% of UK Universities prefer to have the number of international students in the UK remain the same or increase.

In that sense, expect protests from students if the Erasmus scheme fails and no other constituted to assist them study abroad.

The Erasmus exchange programme is the European-wide scheme that enhances easy migration of European Union citizens from one EU country to another thereby making studying abroad by students in any EU country easy.

A lot of uncertainties surround Brexit consequences, effects and impact on Higher School Education System for UK, European and International students.