3 Basic Importance of Education to our Society


3 Basic Importance of Education to our Society | Learning to learn and learning to read and write | Acquisition, Understanding and Application of Knowledge and Skills | Providing information about Education and Development

Is there anyone reading this who hasn’t acquired a form of education before? Haven’t we at one time or another learnt something new from social media or mass media? Why did I go school? Isn’t to acquire quality school education; learn new things? Is the importance of education worth discussing? Isn’t it education first?

We are acquiring knowledge and skills and getting involved in experiential learning everyday through school education, social media and mass media exposures, among others.

Come to think of how much you’ve learnt through these integrative, interactive and informative outlets – interactive classroom filled with audio-visuals, mediated messages of the social media, printed and digital mass media. Suffice it that without quality education, life will be boring whether acquired from school or not.

Our education system helps us to become literates by learning to learn and learning to read and write and assisting others to learn too. Learning to learn and learning to read and write are basic and important to the acquisition, understanding, and application of knowledge and skills which makes one educated. An educated person possesses good communication skills, critical thinking, creativity skills and problem-solving skills.

It is interesting to know that you can make a list of many important goals of education system including the ones you may not have seen in an examination questions, but in this article, I will briefly write on the 3 basic importance of education:

3 Basic Importance of Education

‘’The overall importance of education is to build strong conscience and a well-developed capacity for a more excellent contribution to the human community.’’

1.) Acquisition of basic important knowledge and skills

Experiential learning in education helps us learning to learn and learning to read, write, speak and listen and then knowing how to read, write, speak, listen, sum and retrieve information. These knowledge and skills are basic and important for all students and even to they who hasn’t had the opportunity of acquiring school education.

Acquiring such knowledge and skills starts at very early stage in life. Will one be mistaken to say ‘education first’ at this point? Education in elementary school is the first stage of school education recognized globally. For me, disciplines like Fine and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education, Basic Science, Social Science, when taught well in an elementary school, brings in varieties to experiential learning and drives interest towards learning the basic skills. The elementary school is basically a battleground to defeat illiteracy and innumeracy.

Quality education needs to focus continually and critically on the bits of skills acquired to enable the learners retain the knowledge.

2.) Understanding of acquired knowledge and skills

Acquired knowledge means recognising a material but having understanding means internalising the acquired knowledge and retaining it in the memory. If one understands an item, he retains it in his brain file. Retention emphasises on remembering or recall.

Objectives of education system are specific to learning behaviour or outcome of a lesson. It can be organised into three forms. One of which is Cognition. Cognition is concerned with your mental ability.

Knowledge is the first and lowest order in cognition enhancement and ability hierarchy whereas understanding is second in order. One can’t understand what she doesn’t know.

3.) Application of understood knowledge and skills

This includes being able to transfer the understood knowledge and skills to real life situation for man’s well-being. The importance of education is to build complete lives. We use our knowledge and skills to solve the problems of humans and cope with technological, social and other forms of change that we will encounter during our lifetime. .It makes us responsible citizens and learns to take responsibility for our actions.Education is the best gift a child can get from parents

The deepest importance of an education system is to produce well-rounded, capable, and kind people who are a blessing to themselves and the society.

Ekene Ifechukwu

Ekene Ifechukwu is education writer. He has over 7 years experience in teaching and tutoring. He has taught in primary and secondary schools. He has affection for training children and young people. He aims at improving other people's lives through education.